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Parents of young children and expecting parents:
Are you an involved community member with a great social life? Do you volunteer, teach, or carpool with other families to sports?
Are you a social media maven with a great online presence?
I might be searching for YOU.

I have lived my whole life in Waterloo Region - so moving to Ingersoll has been an interesting step for me. I am looking for someone who knows everyone, and has a great rapport with their neighbours and social circles. London, Ingersoll, Woodstock and all in between are very welcome to apply

I am looking for someone willing to represent me, suggest referrals and help me build my brand!
In exchange for this one year posting - you would receive not one, or two, but THREE complimentary sessions.

Two postings are available for expecting Moms for Newborn, Sitter and First Birthday
Two postings are available for a small family with young children involved in local sports/music.

Baby Mouse

post 1 - newborn

As part of being a brand ambassador, your Signature Newborn Session, worth a whopping $600 is only $100. Why not free? Well, to be brutally honest, I’ve travelled this road before. A booking fee helps people feel invested in their time slot. (sorry, I’ve had some flakes!)

Sitter Session

post 1 - sitter

The Sitter Session included for the first posting is when your little one can now sit unassisted, or almost unassisted. A little photoshop magic can always help that situation.
Booking fee for this smiley session will only be $50. Session value $300


post 2 -summer family session-outdoors

Your brand ambassador session will include a summer evening session, in a location we can discuss and scout together! I have ideas, and because you’re local - you might have some ideas of your own! Sunset family session value is $450, and as mentioned above, a booking fee is required to keep people invested in their appointment slot with me. ($75 )

post 2 - kids so pro! sessions

These sessions can be back to back, but are to showcase your children individually. Their talent and sport can be photographed in, hopefully, a style not always offered by team photographers. Each child will receive more time in front of the camera, and we can play with poses and edgy lighting! Value $200 per child, $50 booking fee.


post 2 - vanity fair-esque studio session

This is a new style being offered, and I haven’t even got a family version to show yet!
This session is in studio, and a little different than posed pictures of the past. A little attitude is encouraged, along with suits and even ballgowns. Think… the Oscars!
All polished, and looking so fine!
$300 value, $50 booking fee.

OPTION - If you just can’t get everyone dressed up for a formal session, you can choose “In The Box” Christmas session. Lots of fun for the kids. Being silly is absolutely encouraged.

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A modeling form will need to be signed by adults involved for all family members involved *
Ability to Travel *
The majority of the sessions offered will be in studio - located in Ingersoll, ON. It is understood than any applicants will have the ability to travel to the studio for appointments.