Kerry Cheshire.  Portrait photographer, with studio located in Ingersoll, Ontario.  
Focus (haha punny!) on newborn posed portraits, family, children, maternity and head shots.
Small event photography will be considered.  

I believe in keeping baby as safe as possible during our session together.  I remember the
panic of not being able to reach my new baby while the photographer took her photos and
that is something no new parent should feel.   I will state here, that newborn and baby
sessions with me are interactive.   A parent will be by my side, welcome within arms reach, and
often holding baby.   Many newborn poses require considerable knowledge in photoshop.  The
extra hours I may put in making artwork, and doing composite images for safety sake is worth
every minute.

I think that everyone needs printed photos in their lives.  Though  artistic media have changed
throughout the years, and generations before us - the only lasting images
with immediate access to view are prints.  They do not require logging in, signing up, transferring
devices, or having them upgraded to new storage devices!   Obviously I LOVE digital work, and the
ability to share on social media and internet, don't get me wrong.  It's the albums and prints that get
brought out at family reunions and when company comes over.  Tangible products really matter.

At time of writing this, I am also the photographer for a Best Version Media publication,
Neighbours of Beechwood & Westmount, and Sunningdale London.  (Family portraits, on location)