Episode 1: The Dress that Nobody Wanted

ACT 1: The Wedding Dress.   Sought after, tried on, stylized, hemmed and more - to be perfect and ready for the Big Day.     Right?     What happens with dresses that don't sell?  Where do they go?  Do they ever get to have a little fun?

Enter:  The Dress That Nobody Wanted, and "Girls Just Want to Have Fun!"    Thanks to a sweet gal in the next city over, I found myself with a shiny, wrinkled, never worn gown and accessories. (Are you thinking to yourself that I am crazy for being excited to have this dress?)

Well, what do you do with a wedding gown that nobody wants?   You play dress up .  You play Sisterhood of the Travelling Wrinkled Wedding Gown.   You coerce friends of your kids to put it on and do pretty, and maybe silly things while wearing it.   You might even convince your husband to try it on, just to see how big it is.  (OK this may or may not have actually happened.  I'll never tell.)

Scene 1:  Best friend and fellow photographer arrive with family in tow.  (Andi Cluthe photography folks!  She's a great photographer with a super sense of humour)    We were in cahoots, and tried to coerce either of our 18 year old daughters to put the dress on and model for us.   No dice.


Scene 2:  My oldest kiddo, sensing my disappointment and impending crocodile tears -  and after having a glass or two of wine - says "Oh fine, I'll do it."   hehehehe    Her only caveat being that I make darn sure everyone knows she's not actually married, etc etc etc.  This was just for fun folks, congratulations are not in order!

Scene 3: Sunset, beautiful meadow behind my house.  Hubbies tossing a football and pugs running amok.   We all set off, equipment in tow, up the hill to find the perfect spot.   Kiddo exclaims how heavy a wedding dress is, and we don't really hear her, just kind of boss her around a little about posing and start messing with our gear.   Tame, pretty kind of photos ensue.  Nothing too crazy with the dress yet.  I mean, it's got to stay clean for a little while yet.


Scene 4, Sun has gone down over the hill, its getting blue and darker out.  I still want to play!   Kiddo spies the trampoline and cannot resist.  I would never resist a "bride" who wants to jump on a trampoline.   Best shots of the night!  


I'm so looking forward to Episode 2!  I can't decide what to do yet, or which volunteer to bat my eyelashes at.  Something still clean - ISH.  But oh boy, I can sure think of what the rest of the season might have in store.  

So yeah....  who wants to play outside in a poofy dress?    Willing models *coughVictims* needed!